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Sunday, July 22nd 2012

10:25 AM

Preteen russian pedo


Related article: Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 22:05:57 +0000
From: Tony
Subject: Danny part 24If you are under 18, please leave now.
The following story contains male/male sex, if this is likely to offend,
please leave.
This story is not copyright, it is given free of tie to Nifty.
All comments, good or bad, to ayedeetiscali.co.ukAt the end of pt. 23 Adam and Adrian had just spent a wonderful evening
alone with just a little loving, even though they both had boyfriends they
loved their time together......
"DANNY" part 24 Adam and I called a staff meeting so that we could put them
in the picture and they were very pleased nudist preteens girl at the part young preteen tgp they were playing extreme nude preteen
our preteen dating tips
success, they were even more pleased when we told them that they would
be getting a christmas bonus plus a turkey or a joint of beef as a seasonal
gift. After the meeting Tony said, "I don't really need a turkey, I will
be with you guys""Surely your Mum and Dad would like it" said Adam, "why not ask them which
they would prefer" "Of course, what would I do without you to amateur preteen model
think for me, you are a
terrific chef, a damn good employer, you think for me and your not to bad
in bed" said Tony with a grin Adam chased him out of the kitchen saying, "Right, that's you on
short rations for a week"Tony dropped to his knees and said,, "No please, anything but that, you
know I can't exist without your body" The rest of the staff laughed, they
knew Adam and Tony were an item and were happy with it. When we were alone I said to Adam, "Danny's Mum and Dad will be
with us on Christmas evening, how would you feel about suggesting to Tony
that he invites his parents" "I had thought about it but I wasn't sure how you would feel, it's
your apartment" said Adam."Are you trying to fall out with me" I answered, "How many times have I got
to tell you, it's our apartment, if you want to invite them just say so,
you don't have to ask" Just then Tony passed us so I said, "Hey Sunshine, how would your
folks feel about having Christmas dinner with four queers" "What he is trying to say" said Adam, "Would your Mum and Dad like
to come to dinner on Christmas Day, John and Tess Danny's Mum and Dad will
be there so they won't be outnumbered" "I'm sure they would love it, they are happy with us being partners
and I'm sure extreme nude preteen they would love to meet Adrian and Danny, I will phone them
later" Tony replied. "Tell them we will be on our best behaviour, we won't have sex on
the floor and we will wear clothes" said Adam, "Well, up to the time we
play strip poker" I said. "That's an idea" said Tony, "We could play the Gays against the
Straights"Tony phoned his folks later that preteen virgins paradise day and they accepted straight away, we
were on speaker phone and Tony said, " Danny's Mum and Dad will be here,
how do you feel about sharing a preteen girls modles
meal with four gay guys" "You and your friends may have a different style of life to us"
said his Mum, "But we have met all three of your friends and they are all
perfect gentlemen, if you hadn't told us we would never have guessed they
were any different to any other men, we are pleased that you are happy and
have found someone to love, Adam is a preteen sex pron perfect partner" As soon as the call was finished Tony pointed at Adam and me and
said, "I'm surprised how wrong Mum can be, you two, perfect gentlemen, she
must be joking." Within seconds we had a heap of bodies on the floor with Tony
underneath, "Your punishment for making those remarks is to sit there and
watch Adrian and I make love. You can watch closely as I slip my fat cock
into Adrian who is so tight instead of your loose floppy bum" said Adam. "If my bum was floppy, which it isn't, I know who is to blame, My
Boss, who can't get to sleep unless his love pole is buried in my tight
young back door" replied Tony with a laugh. "Your bum will never be floppy, everytime we make love it is like
making love to a cherry boy" said Adam, planting a wet floppy kiss on Tony "I can vouch for that" I said, "I am so lucky that I have three
boyfriends who give me so much pleasure" "I have a terrific thirst" said Adam, "In fact the only thing that
will satisfy it is a nice drink of man milk" Within seconds the three of us were naked and I was tickling Adam's
tonsils as he stretched Tony's jaw who in turn fed me a healthy length of
his lollypop. For thirty minutes not a word was said as we sucked
contentedly and eased three firm index fingers into three very tight bums. We knew and loved each other so well that we could sense rising
passion dark nymphet preteen and eased back so that we didn't finish to quickly but eventually I
had to relieve the pressure in my balls and as the spunk started the
journey to the tip of my cock I forced my finger as deep into Tony as I
could as preteen topless pics Adam did the amateur preteen fucked same to me and I started swallowing the gallons of
love juice that Tony fed me. Tony was the smallest of us in the dick
department, as long as Adam but not as fat, but when he came it was a
gusher. Late one afternoon Andy had come home with Danny so that they could
work together on the computer, so of course he stayed to supper. As we were
eating he said, "I have a problem, I'm not sure if you guys can help me
with it" "We will certainly help if we can, what's the problem" I asked."In one word, Kevin" he replied. Surely you aren't splitting up, I thought you were two love birds"
I said."I think I can see your problem" said Danny, "He wants to much sex, is that
right" "You got it in one" said Andy, "I love sex as much as most guys but
if Kevin doesn't get it at least twice a day he starts to get withdrawal
symptoms, don't get me wrong, I love the guy heaps but I'm reaching the
point where I can barely get it up" "Do you mean he's worse than Danny" I said with a laugh."Hey who taught me about sex, I was an innocent young teen until I met you"
said Danny "You were never innocent, who was the guy I caught logging on to
Nifty" I said with a smile"That was because I was being nosey, I didn't know Nifty existed until preteens making out I
saw it in your history, but this isn't helping Andy, I don't see what we
can do other than bringing him round here and giving him a daily injection"
said Danny. "You might have a point there" I answered."Do you mean I'm not enough for you" said Danny as he punched my arm. "I wasn't thinking about a daily cute preteens com routine, how about if we invite
Andy and Kevin to dinner on Sunday night and we all pleasure him" "You mean all three of us" said Andy."No, this lecherous sod means all five of us, don't you, Adam and Tony are
here on Sunday"said Danny I illegal movie preteens raised my eyebrows and nodded."He won't be able to walk after five of preteen girls modles us, especially with you two and
Adam" said Andy. "Well if anything can put him off that should be it" said Danny, "I
certainly wouldn't want five cocks in me one after the other" "I bags I go first" said Andy, "It will be like sticking my dick in
the Channel Tunnel after you two have been there" he said and roared with
laughter. So it was fixed that Danny would invite them both the next morning
at illegal movie preteens college.Kevin takes up the story..................... I have enjoyed my time with Andy right from the first day but once
we discovered that we were both gay; well we didn't discover, Danny told us
and told us to 'get fucking' we did and haven't looked back since. It
wasn't nudist preteens girl
just sex, we slowly grew to love each other and the sex was a
wonderful bonus, I just love doing it and Andy always keeps me happy. Every
now and then I top but I am cut out to be a bottom. The loveliest thing I
know is to feel Andy parting the cheeks of my bum and slipping inside but
it is russians preteen clips
always me that starts things, I wonder sometimes if I expect to
much. I have taken Danny and Adrian a couple of times and Adam just nudist preteens girl once,
boy is that guy thick down there. Danny surprised us one preteens doing it day when he invited the two of us to an
evening meal the following Sunday, typical of me, I wondered if I would see
them all naked. Sunday couldn't come soon cute preteens com enough for me and Andy and we
arrived about 4-30 to find the other four already there and stripped down
to their boxers, we didn't realise that the four of them always spent
Sunday evening together. Danny invited us to get comfortable and we were soon stripped to
our underwear as we sat around talking and drinking as I admired the
scenery. Adrian went to the kitchen and Andy offered to help and Danny
said, "I'm heading for a shower" I couldn't resist and said, "Do you want
your back washed".........."I guess so if you are man enough" he replied. "You want me to prove it" I said. As soon as we reached the
bathroom Danny said, "You better get rid of those boxers unless you want to
get them wet" Seconds later we were both under the water and Danny said,
"If you are going to wash my back you may as well do the rest but be gentle
with me, I'm delicate" It felt as top100 preteen list if I was in heaven as I started on his shoulders and
slowly worked down his back to his firm round globes and ran my finger
along the crack and then into his tight little rosebud. "That is quite
expensive but if you come round to the front I have something I give to
friends" said Danny. I moved round to his front and there standing in all its glory was
the first cock I had ever touched grown to its full nine inches, I just had
to have it again. I was about to turn round when Danny said, "Put your arms
round my neck and when I lift you put your legs round my waist" I did as he
asked and felt his cock bouncing on my cheeks and then it was nudging my
back door. I quickly relaxed and lowered my body and that wonderful pillar
of flesh slid inside inch by inch until I felt his pubic hair rubbing my
bum. I had nine inches of a very hard man right inside me, all I wanted now
was to feel his juice coating my inside. About four minutes later my wish
was granted as Danny flooded my love tunnel. Danny lifted me off and then dried himself off, by the time I had
dried he was gone but as I came out into the bedroom I saw Tony laying on
the bed naked with a very wonderful erection. Of the five guys in the flat
he was the only one I hadn't had and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I grasped it, it was the smallest of the guys, about the same size
as Andy and me, but as they say it's not the size that matters. "Adam tells me you have a nice tight bum, would you like to share
it" said Tony.I turned slightly so that Tony could reach and it felt so good as his
slender fingers wandered across my cheeks and then fingered my
rosebud. Even though it was only a few minutes since Danny had left I
wanted this new toy inside me, I swung my leg across his body and reached
behind me to guide his love stick and it gently pushed inside, Danny had
deposited such a load it slid easily right up inside, my third cock of the
day and my second within minutes. I gently lifted my body up and down and
Tony said, "Adam was right, you have got a lovely bum, I'm nearly ready to
cum" and within five minutes he did. I went into the bathroom to empty the two massive deposits I had in
there and as I did Adrian walked in............."Ah, just the guy to wash
my back for me, and a few other parts as well" he said. I followed him into the shower , he wasn't hard but it only took a
minute for me to change that."Now that you have woken him up you will have to preteen archiv pics do something about it"
said Adrian I turned and placed my hands on the tiled wall and waited, but not
for long, I felt his nine inch monster slide between my cheeks and then I
felt his hands spread them and the tip nudged my rather stretched
sphincter. There was no pain at all, just a glorious feeling of pleasure as
inch by inch he sank his weapon deep inside my love shute. He took a little
longer than the others but then I felt him tense so I gripped him tightly
as his cum juice jetted from the end of preteen underage slut
his large dick. "That was good, I needed that" Adrian said as he wrapped a towel
around his waist and left. I loved having a nice cock in me but I must
confess I was feeling a bit knackered and lay on the bed for a couple of
minutes. I closed my eyes then sensed someone near ilegal preteen fuck me, it was Andy. "I came to check if you were alright" he said, "Yes just a bit tired, Adrian has just had his wicked way
with me" I said. "Oh, in that case you won't want me" he replied. "Of course I do, you are my lover, I always want you" I
said..Andy shucked his boxers and lay down beside me and for the next ten minutes
we made gentle passionate love..........."Have a little sleep, I will call
you when the meal is ready" he told me. I didn't need to be told twice. I don't know how long I slept but
when I woke a nice strong arm was hugging me and its owner had his cock
pressing against my back, it was Adam. When he realised I was awake he said, "I came in to tell you the
meal is almost ready but when I saw you laying here my mind went back to
when we made love, you have a glorious tight bum, can we do it again?" I didn't answer, I reached behind me and grasped his thick pole,
guided it to the right place and pushed back, with no model preteen children trouble at all he
slipped deep inside. Adam was certainly the thickest of my friends but I
could take him with no trouble, I suppose the other four, yes four, had
opened me up. Adam was my fifth cock in an hour and a half and I still
loved it, I guess most guys would call me a slut but having a cock inside
me gave me so much pleasure and feeling this mammoth pole pushing in and
out was sending wonderful sensations right through my body, it was so good
that when I felt Adam errupt in my love shute I climaxed as well. You are still as good" said Adam, "I loved that but I bet you are
sore, let's go and eat"Adam was right, when I walked through to join the others I'm sure I was
walking bandy legged, it was borne out by the comment made by Danny, "Where
is your horse?" I walked straight over to Andy and sat on his lap, "Will you
forgive me lover boy?" I asked. "Forgive you?" asked Andy. "Yes, for behaving like a slut, I guess you guys were trying to
make a point, well you certainly did. Every one of the five of you have
fucked me in the last ninety minutes, I love having Andy make love to me,
but five is just plain stupid, I have been selfish by pushing you into
sex. I was only thinking of my own needs and not how you were feeling,
making out twice a day every day is to much for you isn't it. In future I
will only make love when we both want to. Now and then with love is much
more important than plain sex. As we sat down to dinner girls preteen models
Danny gave me a cushion to sit on, the
cheeky sod and he still teased me as we started eating. I was just about to
take a bite of my roast beef when he said, "Oh, I see you take your meat at
both ends." "Let it rest Danny" ptsc preteens
said Adrian, "I think Kevin has got the point"
"Sorry Kevin" said Danny. That night as Andy and I were curling up in bed he said, "Did you enjoy
that earlier?" "To begin with, yes, but then I couldn't stop myself, another cock
was there so I had to have it, and to be honest now I feel as if preteen breast xxx a big
stallion nudist preteens girl
has had his wicked way with me"Adrian returns to the story.............. One day Adam was talking to me about a cold buffet he had provided
for a house party, "Do you think it would be worthwhile doing more of that
sort of work?" "Well that is up to you, after all you are the guy doing the work,
I'm all for it, providing it doesn't interfere with the service we give in
the restaurant, you have got yourself an excellent reputation and you don't
want to let your standards fall" I answered. Later that evening I was helping out in the dining room as they
were pretty busy and I said to Adam, "I've had an idea". "You haven't, shall I get you a chair while you recover" he replied"Yes please and while you are at it get your coat, Good bye" I said. "No seriously; I've been thinking about that buffet thing, why not
ask around our business customers if they could use a service of that
sort. If there is sufficient demand we could take on another man to the
team with special responsibilty for that side of things. We could move our
dry stores and linen etc. upstairs, knock away this stud wall to bring the
storeroom into the kitchen to make a bigger preparation area" I told him "You aren't just a pretty face are you" he replied, "That sounds
good, let's talk more later"When the restaurant closed we asked Tony to join us and young preteen tgp
went back to see
Danny. Adam put forward his ideas and said "Tony, I know you aren't a
partner, well, not a business partner" "Depends what business you mean" said Danny with a smile, "From
what I've seen Tony is a full partner in your business" "Trust you to take the conversation down to the gutter" continued
Adam, "What I was saying is that we would like Tony's input" I put forward my ideas of extending the kitchen, telling Tony his
bedroom would become a store. "I don't mind, I've never slept there anyway"
he answered "From what Adam says you never let him sleep anyway" said DannyAfter Tony has wrestled Danny to the floor we continued and it was decided
that if the demand was there it was a worthwhile proposition. The next morning Adam and I took a few measurements and concluded
that if our pet builder agreed it was a runner.TBC....................All comments to ayedeetiscali.co.uk
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